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Noni juice and its healthy properties for humans

All you need to know about noni juice

Noni or morinda is a shrub from the madder family whose native habitat is South Asia. The unique properties of the plant’s fruits, leaves and seeds had been known from olden times, so it began to be spread extensively. As a result, morinda inhabited the South Pacific region and is currently known as a tropical and subtropical tree.

Noni fruits have other unique properties:

  • They regulate various biochemical processes
  • Have a tonic and strengthening effect on the body
  • Contain over 150 biologically active components, the most valuable of which are alizarin, scopoletins, bioflavonoids, caratenoids, sterols of vegetable origin, multireceptor activators, caprylic and ursolic acids and many other components.
  • Provide the body with all the vitamins, minerals and aminoacids needed for normal life activity.
  • Help to normalise arterial pressure, cure nervous system disorders (depression, chronic fatigue syndrome), alleviate headache and muscle pain, inhibit inflammatory processes.
  • Improve production of endorphins that leads to improvement of mood and general state.
  • Normalise the endocrine profile through harmonising endocrine glands’ functions.

Another important property of noni is that when noni-based products are consumed regularly, the activity of pathogenic microorganisms weakens and a human’s immune system strengthens. As a result, one has fewer colds.

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Where and how noni cosmetics and noni juice can be purchased?

To buy noni juice, noni cosmetics and other noni-based products in any country, go to , select your country of residence, and in «Opportunities», «Join» order necessary noni products that can be delivered to your home or taken from the company’s office.

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